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Audition 25th Anniversary Blu-ray with Slipcover (Umbrella/Region Free)

Audition 25th Anniversary Blu-ray with Slipcover (Umbrella/Region Free)

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Umbrella Entertainment is proud to present this seminal horror classic, with new and exclusive bonus features that are sure to go deeper, deeper, deeper into the macabre.

Based on the bestselling novel by Ryu Murakami and directed by master of the extreme, TAKASHI MIIKE (13 Assassins, Ichi the Killer), Audition is as shocking as it is disturbing and remains one of the best and most influential horror films of all time.

A psychological horror that explores the dark side of love and obsession. Lonely widower, Aoyama (RYO ISHIBASHI - The Grudge) is persuaded by his colleague, Yoshikawa (JUN KUMIMURATO - Kill Bill) to hold a fake audition for a new wife, disguised as a casting for a movie. He becomes smitten with Asami (EIHI SHIINA - Tokyo Gore Police), a mysterious woman who seems to be the perfect match for him. However, as he pursues this relationship, Aoyama discovers that Asami has a twisted and violent past that haunts her present. He soon finds himself trapped in a nightmare of torture and deception, as Asami reveals her true nature in a finale that will have you squirming. 

Director: Takashi Miike

Cast: Eihi Shiina; Jun Kunimura; Ryo Ishibashi; Tetsu Sawaki

  • NEW! Exclusive Audio commentary with filmmakers Aaron McCann & Dominic Pearce
  • NEW! Deeper Deeper into Audition - Video Essay by Alexandra Heller Nicholas
    • Audio Commentary by Japanese Film Expert Tom Mes (in English)
    • Audio commentary by director Takashi Miike and screenwriter Daisuke Tengan, hosted by Masato Kobayashi
    • Interviews with lead actors
      • Interview with actor Ryo Ishibashi (16:17)
      • Interview with actress Eihi Shiina (20:07)
      • Interview with actor Renji Ishibashi (20:53)
      • Interview with actor Ren Osugi (16:23)
    • Japanese Trailer
    • International Trailer
    • Region Coding: Region Free

    Disc type: Blu-ray
    No. of discs: 1
    Running time: 115
    Audio format: 2.0 DTS-HD MA
    Format: 1080
    Languages: Japanese
    Aspect ratio: 16:9
    Image ratio: 1.77.1
    Subtitles: English
    Year of Production: 1999