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Fire Down Below Blu-ray (Umbrella/Region B)

Fire Down Below Blu-ray (Umbrella/Region B)

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Set in the Caribbean, U.S. expatriates Tony (Jack Lemmon, Some Like It Hot) and Felix (Robert Mitchum, The Longest Day) cruise around the ocean and eke out a meager subsistence using their small trawling boat to transport cargo. When they take on the job of smuggling illegal-immigrant beauty Irena (Rita Hayworth, Gilda) to another island, the two friends find their friendship torn apart by their mutual romantic feelings toward her. Though jealousy has split them apart, fate intervenes to bring the two back together.

Director: Robert Parrish

Cast: Jack Lemmon, Robert Mitchum, Rita Hayworth

This is an Australian Import. The Blu-ray is region B locked and requires a region free player.