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Typhoon Club Lmtd. Ed. Blu-Ray with Slipcover (Third Window Films/Region B)

Typhoon Club Lmtd. Ed. Blu-Ray with Slipcover (Third Window Films/Region B)

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Director: Shinji Somai

Cast: Tomokazu Miura, Yuichi Mikami, Yuki Kudo

Part of the ‘Directors Company Collection’ – a series of films from the legendary 1980s Japanese production company, all presented with brand new digital restorations and in collector packaging with inserts on the company by historian Jasper Sharp.

A brand new 4K restoration of one of Japan’s greatest films!

Shinji Somai’s beloved cult film Typhoon Club is widely heralded as the director’s seminal feature and considered to be one of the greatest Japanese films ever made.

Offering a caustic immersion into the lives of disaffected junior high students on the cusp of adulthood, Typhoon Club features a lively cast of young talent including idol Youki Kudoh (The Crazy Family, Mystery Train) facing existential intrigues, budding sexuality, and rising social tensions in the days leading up to a typhoon’s arrival. Stranded in their schoolhouse as the storm settles in, the group undergoes an awakening as they dispel all insecurities, fear and desire under the swell of the tempest.

This is a UK Import. The Blu-ray is region B and will require a multi-regional player.