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Common Law Wife (1963) And Jennie, Wife/Child (1968): Backwoods Double Feature Blu-ray (Film Masters)

Common Law Wife (1963) And Jennie, Wife/Child (1968): Backwoods Double Feature Blu-ray (Film Masters)

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Two Southern Dramas with older men and younger woman -- things are taken care of, the backwoods way. Traditional Hickploitation films.

Man and Wife, the Backwoods Way! Wealthy old coot Shugfoot Rainey wants to trade in his over-the-hill mistress for his young niece, "Baby Doll" Jonelle, a pouty-faced stripper from New Orleans. But Rainey's mistress, Linda, has a surprise for both: according to Texas law, she's Shugfoot's COMMON LAW WIFE and has no intention of leaving quietly. Jonelle, however, is so eager to get her greedy mitts on Uncle Rainey's loot that she ups the ante by having a moronic moonshiner put cyanide in Shugfoot's whiskey! All of which lead to the two women eventually squaring off in a surprisingly violent showdown. With its small-town setting and hilariously rotten characters, Common Law Wife is an overripe slice of Southern sleaze courtesy of cult director Larry Buchanan, the outrageous auteur of Mars Needs Women! Also included is the feature, "Jennie, Wife/Child," a twenty-year-old is unhappily married to the way-too-old-for-her, Albert Peckingpaw. Jennie is so unhappy she puts the moves on Mario, the hunky hired hand. But when Albert realizes Jennie and Mario have been making' bacon in the barn, he drugs them, chains them in the cellar, and digs their graves. Which is when Lulu Belle, the cheerful "town floozie," unexpectedly pays Albert a visit. From the director of The Sadist and featuring music by Davie Allan and the Arrows, and photography by Vilmos Zsigmond (Close Encounters of the Third Kind), Jennie, Wife/Child easily exudes the long-lost charms of an evening at a Carolina drive-in!

Bonus Materials

  • Original new commentary for Jennie Wife/Child by Millie De Chirico
  • Original new commentary for Common Law Wife by Millie De Chirico
  • 'That's Hickploitation' new feature
  • Archival commentary for Common Law Wife from Director Larry Buchanan
  • Lisa Petrucci from Something Weird Video provides our liner notes