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Django 4K UHD Limited Edition with Slipcase (Cult Epics/Region Free)

Django 4K UHD Limited Edition with Slipcase (Cult Epics/Region Free)

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DJANGO 1st ever 4K-UHD [High Definition Restored] Limited, Numbered Edition Collector’s Set.Sergio Corbucci’s ground-breaking DJANGO is one of the greatest and most influential Westerns ever.Seminal, yet banned for decades, its aesthetics of visual cruelty transcended the genre and shaped today’s film-making language. Its major influence is declared by Quentin Tarantino - among many Hollywood directors - and seen in his all films .Django, played by the legendary Franco Nero, is the mysterious lone gunslinger who,  dragging a coffin behind him, arrives in a bleak, mud-drenched town where he’ll face two ruthless gangs of sadistic killers.Presented uncut, from new 4K-restored elements, this definitive version is pristinely faithful to the original filmmakers’ vision; as attested by Ruggero Deodato (of ‘Cannibal Holocaust’ fame) who shot several scenes of ‘DJANGO’ as the then-Assistant to Corbucci.+ BONUS FEATURE: DJANGO & DJANGO 80 min with QUENTIN TARANTINOA riveting feature-length testimonial by Quentin Tarantino complements this edition: showing many clips, he explains how Sergio Corbucci’s ‘Django’ permeates his own films from ‘Reservoir Dogs’ to his resounding tribute ‘Django Unchained’.And whimsically Tarantino tells how, in his ‘Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood’, his fictional actor, played by Leonardo DiCaprio,ends up working for the real Sergio Corbucci.(By Steve Della Casa and Luca Rea. Directed by Luca Rea. 2021. 78 Mins).SPECIAL FEATURES• On-Disc INTERVIEWS with:- Franco Nero on being Django- Ruggero Deodato (of ‘Cannibal Holocaust’ fame) on being Sergio Corbucci’s assistant- Alex Cox (Creator of BBC’ Moviedrome & cult-Director of RepoMan) defines DJANGO• New reworked English subtitles & additional SDH+ BOOK: Perfect-Bound 64 pages booklet with foreword by Franco Nero:“Django The Western Cranked-up!” by Kevin Grant. FAB Press+ ArtCard with original posters+ Slip Case Serial Numbered + reversible inlays with 3 key artworks