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Raiders of the Living Dead Blu-ray (Serverin FIlms)

Raiders of the Living Dead Blu-ray (Serverin FIlms)

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An exuberant zombie film featuring such unlike elements as nuclear terrorism, mad doctors and children making ray guns from LaserDisc players.


In the early '80s, Independent-International co-founder/president Samuel M. Sherman (DRACULA VS. FRANKENSTEIN) took an unfinished zombie movie by Brett Piper (QUEEN CRAB) and began tinkering. He shot additional scenes featuring nuclear terrorists, a mad doctor, a kid (former child star Scott Schwartz of A CHRISTMAS STORY, THE TOY and NEW WAVE HOOKERS 5 fame) who converts a LaserDisc player into a ray gun, 1930's cowboy star Bob Allen, a roasted hamster, The Three Stooges and retired octogenarian Zita Johann (THE MUMMY), then added an unstoppable earworm of an opening credits song to create a drive-in epic unlike any ever experienced before or since. RAIDERS OF THE LIVING DEAD is now scanned in 2K from the negative of the final release version, with over 4 hours of new & archival Special Features - including two previous cuts in their entirety - that reveal the full insane saga.

Special Features

  • Audio Commentary with Director/Producer Samuel M. Sherman
  • Audio Commentary with Actor Robert Deveau
  • Things To Do in Jersey When You're Dead - Interviews with Fangoria Writer Tim Ferrante, Editor John Donaldson and Soundtrack Composer George Edward Ott
  • DYING DAY - Original Cut (80 mins)
  • DARK NIGHT - Second/Alternate Version (72 mins)
  • THE WEIRD STRANGER - Short Film Produced by Samuel M. Sherman
  • Dark Nights and Dying Days - Behind-The-Scenes Stills Gallery
  • Documents Of the Dead - Production Gallery
  • Trailer