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Sci-Fi Chillers Collection Blu-ray with Slipcover (Kino Lorber)

Sci-Fi Chillers Collection Blu-ray with Slipcover (Kino Lorber)

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Sci-fi and horror collide in 3 bone-rattling and bizarre B-Movie classics! THE UNKNOWN TERROR (1957) – A millionaire (John Howard) leads a remote jungle expedition to find the legendary “Cave of the Dead” where his wife’s (Mala Powers) brother had disappeared long ago. Instead, they stumble upon a mad doctor who has created a horde of foam-spewing, fungus-covered monster-men! Directed by Charles Marquis Warren (Back from the Dead) and shot by Joseph F. Biroc (Bwana Devil) in spine-chilling “Regalscope.” THE COLOSSUS OF NEW YORK (1958) – When a brilliant scientist (Ross Martin) is accidentally killed, his preserved brain is transferred to the body of a giant robot so that it can continue to serve mankind. But when it gains awareness of its own hideousness, this steel colossus embarks on a rampage of destruction! Directed by Eugène Lourié (Gorgo) and co-starring Mala Powers as the deceased man’s horrified wife and Otto Kruger as his obsessed, mad-scientist father. DESTINATION INNER SPACE (1966) – When an object of unknown origin is detected in the area of an underwater laboratory, scientists investigate and come face to face with the object—an extraterrestrial saucer! They board the craft and discover a mysterious cylinder, which they take back to the lab for closer inspection. It is then that events take a monstrous turn! Directed by Francis D. Lyon (Castle of Evil) and starring Scott Brady, Sheree North and Gary Merrill. Destination Inner Space was shot in Eastmancolor by cinematographer Brick Marquard (Foxy Brown).

Product Extras:

  • HD Masters by Paramount Pictures – From 4K Scans
  • NEW Audio Commentary for THE UNKNOWN TERROR by Film Historian Stephen Bissette
  • NEW Audio Commentary for THE COLOSSUS OF NEW YORK by Film Historians Tom Weaver, Larry Blamire and Ron Adams
  • NEW Audio Commentary for DESTINATION INNER SPACE by Film Historians David Del Valle and Stan Shaffer
  • Sidebar on THE COLOSSUS OF NEW YORK: On-Camera with Tim Lucas and Steven Bissette
  • Sidebar on DESTINATION INNER SPACE: On-Camera with Tim Lucas and Steven Bissette
  • THE COLOSSUS OF NEW YORK - Theatrical Trailer
  • Optional English Subtitles