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Showgirls 4K UHD + Blu-ray Standard Edition (Vinegar Syndrome)

Showgirls 4K UHD + Blu-ray Standard Edition (Vinegar Syndrome)

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Nomi Malone will be a star. She knows it. The problem is, no one else does…yet. Fresh to Las Vegas and with no connections, Nomi takes a job as an exotic dancer at a club named Cheetahs. Showing impressive abilities, her talents are quickly noticed by Stardust Casino headlining dancer, Cristal who senses an opportunity to bolster her own act. But Nomi won’t play second fiddle and soon begins her venomous path to the top, ruthlessly backstabbing anyone who gets in her way…however karma has a funny way of catching up as Nomi learns that being a Vegas showgirl has a harder and more brutal edge than she'd ever have imagined...

One of the most controversial, acclaimed, and iconic films directed by the legendary Paul Verhoeven (Total Recall, RoboCop), SHOWGIRLS is a glittering, shocking, tragic, funny, weird, gross, sexy, and staggeringly beautiful epic of what it takes to triumph in show business. Written by Joe Eszterhas (Basic Instinct, Sliver) and starring Elizabeth Berkley (TV's Saved By the Bell), Kyle MacLachlan (Blue Velvet), Gina Gershon (Bound), Robert Davi (Die Hard), and Rena Riffel (Mulholland Drive), SHOWGIRLS is feast for the senses from beginning to end, enhanced further by Jost Vacano’s (Starship Troopers) stunning photography and Peter Morse's spellbinding dance choreography. Vinegar Syndrome Ultra couldn’t be happier to present Paul Verhoeven’s cult masterpiece on 4K UHD, newly restored from Verhoeven’s director approved color graded master, and featuring a consummate selection of interviews and archival materials which at last tell the crazy true story of this one-of-a-kind film!

directed by: Paul Verhoeven
starring: Elizabeth Berkley, Kyle MacLachlan, Gina Gershon, Glenn Plummer, Robert Davi, Alan Rachins, Gina Ravera
1995 / 131 min / 2.39:1 / English 5.1 Surround + 2.0 Stereo

Additional info:
  • 3-disc Set: 4K Ultra HD / Region A Blu-ray x2
  • 4K UHD presented in High-Dynamic-Range
  • Newly restored by Vinegar Syndrome from an existing director approved 4K studio master
  • Includes original 5.1 surround and 2.0 stereo soundtrack options
  • "The Greatest Movie Ever Made" - commentary track with writer David Schmader
  • "More Vegas Than Vegas" - an interview with director Paul Verhoeven
  • "You Gotta Gamble if You’re Gonna Win" - interview with screenwriter Joe Eszterhas
  • "All that Glitters: Filming Showgirls" - interview with cinematographer Jost Vacano & Performance Lighting Designer Peter Morse
  • "The Rhythm of Chaos" - interview with co-editors Mark Helfrich & Mark Goldblatt
  • "Born to Dance" - interview with actress Rena Riffel
  • "Free Lap Dance with Every Large Popcorn: The Cult of Showgirls" - interview with Midnight Mass Podcast hosts Peaches Christ & Michael Varrati
  • Special ‘Behind-the-scenes’ Featurette
  • A Showgirls Diary
  • Lap Dance Tutorial Featuring the World-Famous Girls of Scores
  • Original trailer
  • Reversible sleeve artwork
  • English SDH subtitles