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The Perfume of the Lady in Black Blu-ray (Raro U.S.)

The Perfume of the Lady in Black Blu-ray (Raro U.S.)

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Director Francesco Barilli's hallucinatory giallo horror-thriller stars Mimsy Farmer who portrays Sylvia, a chemist who begins to suffer from strange visions; a mysterious woman in black applying perfume in a mirror appears to her and strangers follow her everywhere she goes. Barilli's psychological investigation into the workings of the mind becomes apparent when it is revealed that as a child, Sylvia committed a horrible crime. The slow progression from successful scientist to a woman on the verge of insanity shows an in-depth look at the intricacies of the haunted mind. This is a remarkable film, weaving reality, fantasy and memory into an almost seamless fabric.

Product Extras:

  • Original Trailer
  • Interview with the Director
  • Short Film THE WANDERING KNIGHT by Francesco Barilli

Film Information:

Release Year: 1974
Running Time: 104
Country: Italy
Language: Italian and English w/English subtitles
Genre: Horror, Drama, Mystery, Thriller